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Classmancers – A MOBA Esport Story is my currently ongoing web novel project. Follow Yuel and Lars, a chess prodigy and a basketball ace, as they form a duo of Support & Carry and aim for Classmancers’ pro scene!

This is an attempt to deliver a story that focuses on  MOBA and Esports in a way I haven’t seen done before. You don’t have to like MOBAs to enjoy the story, but I’m sure those of you who play MOBAs will find parts of it very relatable. Since I’m still in the process of figuring out how to best deliver this story, any feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Wanna read my other works?

Check out My Best Works on the dashboard. In particular, I recommend my latest web novels:

How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!? – A slice-of-life story about a QA tester who is assigned to test a bratty tsundere android.

God Vessel Online – A slice-of-life story about a closet gamer and a cheeky brat joining hands to beat a virtual curse that affects their real lives.


Art by FluffyFlower


Hit the bottom of the barrel?

You are welcome to explore my old and cringy  woks under the Hall of Shame. I especially recommend… absolutely nothing from that list!

Disclaimer: I can’t be held responsible for any brain cancer you may develop from reading these works.

Tried out everything?

If you have absolutely nothing else to do, then I recommend this drug:



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