Pins or Die!


Genres: Shonen, Action, Comedy, Supernatural

Status: Completed

Warning: Brace yourself for a poorly-made and poorly-written web comic by the much younger me. Enjoy cringing through lazy editing, typos, 4th wall breaking and more fun stuff!


Neku Sakuraba is your average teenager, he aspires to be the ultimate emo and nothing more. His life radically changes when he’s dragged into the troubles of a random girl.

Suddenly, Neku finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conflict. He discovers his latent talent to wield magical pins, which become his weapon of choice to defeat his pursuers.

Every new enemy is stronger than the previous, and Neku’s pins always look crappy in comparison. Will Neku defeat the vastly superior enemies? Can he ascend the ladder to become the strongest pin user in the world!?

Note: Other than the sprites, character names and the idea of pins – there’s no connection between this story and The World Ends With You. You neither need to play the game first, nor will this story spoil the game.





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