World Domination Almost Complete


I’ve finally set up my Twitter account today. My silly teenage nickname was already taken, so I had to upgrade myself. On Twitter, I’m not just a dark claymore. I’m the DARKEST claymore!

Setting up my Twitter is among the final stages of my grand plan to spread God Vessel Online across the interwebz. You can currently find the story in many different websites:

Why do I shamelessly shove my work in every hole, you ask? Because why not, really. This is a great opportunity to see what works best.

When you just begin writing, nobody tells you that promoting will be as important and as difficult as the writing itself, if not more. I’ve only come to learn this myself over the past few months, and I’ve been “writing” for a few years now.

By trying out many different communities, I hope to learn how to best promote stories. Hopefully, I’ll eventually get enough data to share tips and advice with other aspiring writers who are currently as clueless as I was once.


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