Original Light Novels vs. Baka-Tsuki

How many of you knew that Baka-Tsuki has a forum? How many of you knew that Baka-Tsuki hosts OLNs (Original Light Novels)?

Despite being a website for hosting translated Light Novels, Baka-Tsuki went out of their way to host Original Light Novels as well. These are English web novels, which strongly resemble translated LNs.

Sadly, the system they use for picking OLNs is (unintentionally) dysfunctional at the moment. You can read my Reddit post for an in-depth explanation about the topic.


TL;DR: OLNs need to get popular on the the Baka-Tsuki forum in order to be hosted… but the forum board is dead. Even high-rated and popular web novels like The Iron Teeth didn’t get a single reply on the forum.

As a fellow writer who is strongly inspired by light novels, this situation makes me a very sad panda. Baka-Tsuki is offering writers the amazing opportunity to be hosted on par with real light novels, but there’s no community to support this.


There are many people who enjoy LNs on Baka-Tsuki. If you’re one of them, then you could join the small forum community!

The more active the community becomes, the more chance there is for OLNs to be noticed and appreciated. LN enthusiasts surely have a lot to discuss, so why not do it on Baka-Tsuki’s very own forum?


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