[Web Novel] Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder – Sharp Review

This is a great web novel that I’ve recently come across on RoyalRoadLegends. You can find my full review here.

Clock Link may appear like a somewhat daunting mystery story at first glance, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind if you read the first few chapters; it reads a lot closer to a Light Novel than one may think. People who like Baccano!, Durarara!! or Fate/Zero will more than likely enjoy this story.



Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder

Author: Mataaitai

Genres: Web Novel, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural

Status: Ongoing

Full Review: “Doesn’t Deserve Five Stars. Deserves One… Hundred Stars.”

Fiction Page: Clock Link


April 1st. For eight minutes, a section of downtown Portland and everyone in it comes to a complete standstill. During that time a bank is robbed… and a young girl is murdered.

When he comes back to his senses, Tristan finds himself in a pool of blood. To make things worse, an anonymous present awaits him at his apartment: a special watch which can… freeze time.

However, Tristan isn’t the only Portlander to be dragged into absurd circumstances. A girl transforming into a demon, a boy devoured in his dreams and an amateur mage discovering a forbidden talent. The events of “the day the world stopped” start a chain reaction that will change the destinies of these people, and the city, forever.


The Good & The Bad

A unique take on you favorite tropes.  A shut-in dragged into a murder investigation, a girl transforming into a demon, a newbie mage with unique potential. All these “special” protagonists find themselves entangled within Portland, the weird city where the abnormal is becoming daily.

Six points of views. This allows you to explore the mysteries of Portland from different angles and to learn more about the weird city, but it also slows down the plot a fair bit.

Sharp, witty and seamless writing. The narrative is a beautiful blend between the casual style of Light Novels and the professional style of published books.

An urban fantasy which blends magic into a believable setting. “Portland” is more than just a “real city name” slapped over a fictional location. It’s a city with secrets, trends and urban legends which will suck you in.


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