Shadowverse: How to Link Steam and iOS Accounts


This guide is obsolete because Shadowverse now allows to link Steam and iOS accounts via a code.


The Problem: Can’t link my Steam and iOS accounts.

I’ve recently started playing Shadowverse on Steam. It’s a collectible card game with many similarities to Hearthstone, but with its own Japanese style. Some people call it “Hearthstone with waifus”.

The game is a blast to play, so naturally I wanted to keep playing it on my iPhone as well. Only, I discovered a disheartening truth: the Steam account can’t be linked to the iOS account!  The feature existed in the past, but was suspended on 28/12/16.

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[Web Novel] Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder – Sharp Review

This is a great web novel that I’ve recently come across on RoyalRoadLegends. You can find my full review here.

Clock Link may appear like a somewhat daunting mystery story at first glance, but I’m sure you’ll change your mind if you read the first few chapters; it reads a lot closer to a Light Novel than one may think. People who like Baccano!, Durarara!! or Fate/Zero will more than likely enjoy this story.



Clock Link: A Story of Magic and Murder

Author: Mataaitai

Genres: Web Novel, Urban Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural

Status: Ongoing

Full Review: “Doesn’t Deserve Five Stars. Deserves One… Hundred Stars.”

Fiction Page: Clock Link

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[Anime] Lovely★Complex – Sharp Review

Unlike in common anime reviews, I don’t want to rate the show’s categories. Numbers are nice to look at, but they don’t tell why YOU may want to watch a show.



Genres: Anime, Shoujo, Comedy, Romance

Episodes: 24

Status: Completed

Studio: Toei Animation

Source: Manga by Aya Nakahara

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Original Light Novels vs. Baka-Tsuki

How many of you knew that Baka-Tsuki has a forum? How many of you knew that Baka-Tsuki hosts OLNs (Original Light Novels)?

Despite being a website for hosting translated Light Novels, Baka-Tsuki went out of their way to host Original Light Novels as well. These are English web novels, which strongly resemble translated LNs.

Sadly, the system they use for picking OLNs is (unintentionally) dysfunctional at the moment. You can read my Reddit post for an in-depth explanation about the topic.


TL;DR: OLNs need to get popular on the the Baka-Tsuki forum in order to be hosted… but the forum board is dead. Even high-rated and popular web novels like The Iron Teeth didn’t get a single reply on the forum.

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[Light Novel] Fate/Zero – Sharp Review

For a long time, I’ve been meaning to do reviews for various works. Now, that I finally set up this site, it’s a good opportunity to begin. Rather than an in-depth analysis, I prefer to summarize why (or why not) you’d want to try the work and how best to approach it.

I’d like to begin with the light novel Fate/Zero by Gen Urobuchi. If you want to read my in-depth review about the novel, then you can check it on MyAnimeList.



Genres: Light Novel, Action, Fantasy, Supernatural

Volumes: 4

Status: Completed & Translated

Author: Gen Urobuchi

Link: Baka Tsuki

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