Princess’s Resolve


Genres: RPG, Fantasy

Status: Completed


A kingdom has fallen into the hands of forceful conquerors, with the capital’s royal castle burnt to ashes. Often, you’d expect to play as the shiny hero, who would swear to retake his homeland in the name of justice. However, not such is the case this time around.

You will be assuming the role of the fallen kingdom’s princess, or more correctly ex-princess. She knows nothing about the workings of the real world, and can only dream of being strong enough to take back her land. In reality, she has difficulty surviving on her own and borrows the aid of the veteran knight who helped her escape.

Rather than looking back, the princess is forced to look forward and find a path which will lead to survival. Join the adventure of the duo, as they venture through a thick forest in search of hope. They will have to carefully calculate every step, for the animals awaiting them in the forest are neither merciful nor frail.


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Standalone download doesn’t require having RPG Maker VX installed, but it’s the heavier download.


Lost Case

Genres: RPG, Mystery, Detective

Status: Completed

Warning: I made this game a long time ago, so there are various typos and grammar mistakes.

Author’s Note: This was intended to be a series of short games.  Cases 2 & 3 were finished, but I lost the files because my old computer died.


There’s a serial killer is in the village… or is there?

Jump into the shoes of Lain Trust, an ace detective who is known for solving every case. He’s tasked with uncovering the deaths of three women in a small village, which are speculated to be parts of an ongoing series of murders.

He’ll go about solving the case by… doing lots of tedious RPG side quests!


Links: [Download]

REMEMBER TO SAVE THE GAME OFTEN! Or else you may regret it…