God Vessel Online


may54vw(Art by FluffyFlower)

Genres: Web Novel, Slice of Life, Comedy, Virtual Reality, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Adventure

Status: Finished

Warning: Strong Language


Erika is a tall, elegant honor student and a closet gamer who is secretly obsessed with cute little critters. Mina is a short, brash girl who flaunts herself as a gamer and pays no heed to others.

Normally, the two would have nothing to do with each other. But, when the virtual “Grim Reaper’s Curse” afflicts Mina in the real world – everything goes to hell.

The two girls form an unlikely pair as they dive into the harsh virtual reality of God Vessel Online. There, the insane characters, incurable curses and vicious flowers are just the beginning of their fun virtual experience that will gradually bleed into their real lives.


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How Do You QA Test a Tsundere Android!?

Advertist Lily Cover(Art by FluffyFlower)

Genres: Web Novel, Slice of Life, Sci-fi

Status: Completed (May have a sequel in the future)


After finishing his first degree in Computer Science, Nick now searches for a job in the hi-tech industry. His attention is drawn to Anomalia, the company developing the most advanced androids in the world.

Blessed with the curse of finding uncanny flaws in every product, Nick aims to become a “Quality Assurance” tester. It’s a safe job, where he can spend his time interacting with lifeless products and doesn’t have to worry about being socially inept.

Little did he know, that becoming a QA tester in Anomalia will suddenly turn him into a father. Not to mention, his cheeky android daughter hates his guts… but also unconditionally loves him!?


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